Groove Trio

BrYan SorensEn



        2019 marks our seventh year of performing at Niagara's Copacabana!  Book your table:  Band, Dancers, DJ and delicious  food.  It's all there...A dynamic staff in a high-energy room (bad moods are not!)

        Please take this opportunity  VIEW our VIDEOS.  


Performance Dates: 

August 9th - Copacabana (w Shamakah)

August 17th - Doc Magilligan's (Nicoletti)

August 23rd - Copacabana (w Shamakah)

August 29th - Copacabana (Shamakah)

August 30th - Copacabana (Shamakah)

August 31st Copacabana (w Shamakah)



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