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       I'm excited to announce  that the 'Groove Trio' has partnered with the Niagara Hilton's Spyce Lounge!  Continue to check  the calendar for performances!  ....GREAT room, GREAT upscale vibe' and location!      

        2018 marks our sixth year of performing at Niagara's Copacabana!  Book your table:  Band, Dancers, DJ and delicious  food.  It's all there...A dynamic staff in a high-energy room (bad moods are not!)

        Please take this opportunity  VIEW our VIDEOS.  


Performance Dates: 

August 1st - Copacabana (solo)

August 6th - Spyce Lounge (w Shamakah)

August 8th - Copacabana (solo)

August 11th - Copacabana  (w Shamakah)

August 12th - Spyce Lounge (w Shamakah)

August 15th - Copacabana (solo)

August 17th - Private Function (Shamakah)

August 18th - Doc Magilligan's 

August 19th - Spyce Lounge (w Pietrangelo)

August 22nd - Copacabana (solo)

August 23rd - Copacabana 

August 24th - Copacabana (w NIcoletti) 

August 25th - Copacabana (w Nicoletti)

August 26th - Spyce Lounge (w Shamakah)

August 29th - Copacabana (solo)

August 31st - Copacabana (w Shamakah)

September 2nd - Private Function (w Shamakah)

September 8th - Copacabana (w Nicoletti)

September 12th - Spyce Lounge (Nicoletti) 

September 15th - Doc Magilligan's (w Nicoletti)

September 22nd - Copacabana (w Shamakah)

September 29th - Copacabana 

October 12th - Copacabana (w Nicoletti)

October 20th - Copacabana (w Shamakah)

December 21st - Doc Magiiligan's (w Shamakah)

December 31st - Copacabana



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